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a kiss


tonight brings us to a milestone - episode 400! thinking back, it's difficult to remember where i was all those many weeks ago... or how (or if??) i would've even imagined a 400th podcast. time and life and growth are so surprising and strange and intertwined. if the past eight years have taught me anything at all, i guess that's it.

mostly, i'm simply thankful - to everyone who's taken time to share their music, be a guest, listen. for your kindness, compassion, attention, as i've struggled through... step by step. mistake by mistake. dream by dream. it's been a wild and humbling four-hundred weeks. i hope we'll have many more... :)

thank you for being here.


ps - links: to the author sándor márai and his book embers.

pps - free music can be found at: simplemuzik.com


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