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June 30, 2014

macro and micro


episode 404 is here, and finds me in an intuition-ish mood... feeling something i don't understand exactly. trying to get it out in words. failing. and still thinking it was somehow worth it to throw it out into the world. even if halting and broken.

tonight's songs are a halfway continuation from last week - the "macro" portion features more music from my friend ryan's new album, and the "micro" features a few old homemade demos from me. the compare/contrast opposition between the two bipolar extremes feels a bit beautiful and connected to me. i hope you'll agree. :)

many deep and sincere thanks (again) to ryan for sharing his stuff with me. both tonight and over many years. as mentioned last week, you can find his album (and own it for just $5!!) at: dwaynehoover.bandcamp.com/album/ham

peace &


June 23, 2014

songs from ham


tonight's podcast brings us some long-awaited brand new music from dwayne hoover! i've been a fan of ryan's music for many years now, and it's a sincere privilege and honor to share his songs - both tonight and throughout many episodes... if you don't already know ryan's music, i hope you'll click the link below, listen, and support what he's doing. the music is seriously great! and he deserves to heard.

my heartfelt thanks go out to ryan also - for his music, and openness, and years of podcasting friendship and support.

you can hear and buy the album (for only $5!) at:


June 16, 2014

a handful


episode 402 has landed! it's one of those semi-regular live performance podcast nights... me with some songs and thoughts - trying to understand. and feel better. and be better. i don't know much. but i'm very thankful you're here with me.

the songs are:
-he's gonna be a heartbreaker
-state #36
-ground loop
-the live i love is this life


June 09, 2014

one thousand circles


episode 401 here! it's me + a new song + some thoughts related to life and change and the difficulty of keeping hope and faith. getting older is such a strange and good and scary and sad thing... it's beautiful in so many ways - how simple time and experience force us to grow up, see ourselves oppositely, newly. soberly. and it's humbling to learn (again and again, differently) how i'm less of the solution and more of the problem than i'd ever like to admit. change is hard. trying and failing. both at the same time. i'm unsure, obviously, but hope it's ok somehow. it has to be.

so, anyway, yes. the podcast is about that general feeling. indirectly. and others. if you have time, i really hope you'll share and listen.


ps reminder - free music is always available at: simplemuzik.com

June 02, 2014

a kiss


tonight brings us to a milestone - episode 400! thinking back, it's difficult to remember where i was all those many weeks ago... or how (or if??) i would've even imagined a 400th podcast. time and life and growth are so surprising and strange and intertwined. if the past eight years have taught me anything at all, i guess that's it.

mostly, i'm simply thankful - to everyone who's taken time to share their music, be a guest, listen. for your kindness, compassion, attention, as i've struggled through... step by step. mistake by mistake. dream by dream. it's been a wild and humbling four-hundred weeks. i hope we'll have many more... :)

thank you for being here.


ps - links: to the author sándor márai and his book embers.

pps - free music can be found at: simplemuzik.com