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lost causes


tonight brings us to episode 399 - with music from nick guerrero + ideas inspired by slavoj žižek and jennifer dubois.

there's a kind of beauty in the frailty of perseverance. for me, somehow. in the simple seeing of it. as it is. or in how we respond to it? the fact of impossibility itself as a kind of opportunity. one we won't/can't escape, or defeat. and how - with that - we can still try, and do, and experience the world as we slip beneath its waves. beside friends and enemies and family. mistakes. regret. love. failure. hope. loss.

and let go.

i don't know if this makes any sense. maybe not.

but it feels right.

and i hope you'll listen.


the philosopher - slavoj žižek
the movie - the pervert's guide to cinema
žižek's book - in defense of lost causes

the writer - jennifer dubois
the book - a partial history of lost causes



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