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May 26, 2014

lost causes


tonight brings us to episode 399 - with music from nick guerrero + ideas inspired by slavoj žižek and jennifer dubois.

there's a kind of beauty in the frailty of perseverance. for me, somehow. in the simple seeing of it. as it is. or in how we respond to it? the fact of impossibility itself as a kind of opportunity. one we won't/can't escape, or defeat. and how - with that - we can still try, and do, and experience the world as we slip beneath its waves. beside friends and enemies and family. mistakes. regret. love. failure. hope. loss.

and let go.

i don't know if this makes any sense. maybe not.

but it feels right.

and i hope you'll listen.


the philosopher - slavoj žižek
the movie - the pervert's guide to cinema
žižek's book - in defense of lost causes

the writer - jennifer dubois
the book - a partial history of lost causes


May 19, 2014



episode 398 is here! it's me with a few sad songs songs in tow, and some thoughts about trying and failing. i'm in a melancholy mode these days, which finds me strategizing about hope and the future and where (and where not) to find them. so much of our lives are centered around work and desire and attempts to succeed. to convince others. or just ourselves, perhaps? all for good reason, i know. success is great. and we can't there without trying. no doubt.

but what about the big dreams that never work? and never will? for me, those're the ones around my shoulders. and at the bottom of my heart. they're the ones i want and need the most. and the ones i'll never have. strangely, "trying" makes sense even here. i don't know why. it just does.

i hope you'll listen and visit the links below:

art as therapy - the book
the thinker/writer - alain de botton
the philosopher - john armstrong
and something good - to watch

free music from me - simplemuzik.com


May 12, 2014

forget me not


this week's podcast is here! episode 397. and it's a simple one. just me with some songs here, with you, from afar.

the songs are:

1) believe it or not i was even worse back then
2) another earth
3) better
4) sean & madonna

i really hope you'll listen. <3


May 05, 2014

back and forth


happy cinco de mayo to all! and welcome to episode 396. this week brings us a few more songs from my friends curt yagi and ryan. which finds me wondering about the opposites (and not-so-opposites) of beauty and pain, regret, myth, death, truth and deception. i didn't say it well, i know.

for me, there's something in the shadows and edges and subtexts that feels connected. maybe in the need for things (people? difficulties?) we fear?? or the simple truth that we can't help but learn and resist what's often most necessary in our lives?? it's a mystery, obviously. but somehow the risk of guessing and trying to say it with words feels important.

i hope you'll listen. <3

please don't forget the links to curt!

buy music at - curtyagi.bandcamp.com
visit curt at - curtyagi.com