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the 2013 top ten


it's oscar night, and i'm here with my annual list of top ten movies from the previous year. episode 369! if you have time, i hope you'll listen, visit the links, and discover (if you haven't already) the movies linked below. between the lines, i want to apologize to the many beautiful movies from 2013 i haven't yet seen. the value of a list like this isn't so much in the illusion of gradation, but the opportunity to think and explore what moves us and why. together. the improbable/beautiful fact that movies can do this is one of my most favorite things. :)

thank you for being here. truly and sincerely.

the "runners up" (in no specific order):

- emperor - (peter webber).
- the great gatsby - (baz luhrman).
- the perverts guide to ideology - (sophie fiennes).
- philomena - (stephen frears).

the top ten - in descending order:

10 - enough said - (nicole holofcener).
09 - to the wonder - (terrence malick).
08 - the spectacular now - (james ponsoldt).
07 - her - (spike jonze).
06 - the wind rises - (hayao miyazaki).
05 - stories we tell - (sarah polley).
04 - like father, like son - (koreeda hirokazu).
03 - all is lost - (j.c. chandor).
02 - before midnight - (richard linklater).
01 - lore - (cate shortland).


still haven't seen ps - quite possibly missing from this list is sophie huber's - harry dean stanton: partly fiction (as mentioned in earlier episodes). i'm still actively seeking it out… and will see it. more soon.

music ps - for more norway house and kris hauch check out norwayhouse.bandcamp.com


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