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welcome to monday and episode 389! this week finds me noticing the (sometimes vast) differences that seem to naturally flow between people. assumptions, perspectives, preferences, expectations, so on. i can't help but wonder how and why the things between us are as they are. seemingly unavoidably. which somehow reminds me of my heroes - yoko ono and j. krishnamurti

i often feel guilty and wrong for wondering about the world and the lives of others, imagining we're similar - when the facts of life seem mostly determined to bludgeon us with the opposite. it feels both sad and hopeful most of the time. a kind of obstinate faith, maybe?? i'm naive. i know. but i still think it's possible for things to be better. and i think trying is worth it. even if/when we never see it change.

i hope you'll listen… <3


ps - this book by yoko is great!

pps - here's something from - krishnamurti. it take some patience to listen, i know. but worth it.

ppps - and, say what you will about yoko's voice… i absolutely love this song.


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