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February 24, 2014

life with limits


episode 386 is here! interestingly, i had a kernel of a different idea in mind for tonight, but, upon uncovering a few old demo songs from 2011, things went a bit askew. which brings me to memory and emotion and the need for faith and thought and community. the circuity of it all is a bit of a mystery. for which i'm thankful.

i'm glad you're here, and hope you'll listen. :)


February 17, 2014

debate and love


good evening to all, and welcome to episode 385! this week finds me with a few songs and some musings inspired by the world of debate, religion, and opposing worldviews in general. i certainly don't have the big answers. but i'm sincerely humbled and happy you're here. i hope you'll take a listen… :)

for those interested, below are some links to related things:

- the evolution/creation debate - ken ham v. bill nye
- "the place" with - with lawrence krauss
- another episode about - presuppositional apologetics


February 10, 2014

partly fiction


episode 384 is here and brings us to some thoughts inspired by harry dean stanton and the recent documentary about him called partly fiction.

my reaction to mr. stanton's conclusions and stance toward the world, reality, etc., is mixed and somewhat still-evolving. but his persona fascinates me - both as a person and the roles/characters he's played. and (maybe most of all??) the broad lines of connection that seem to exist between the two.

i hope you'll listen! and check the links below:

the interview - with the man
the trailer - for partly fiction
one of my - favorite movies
a great scene from - the straight story


February 03, 2014

philip seymour hoffman

dear friends,

this week's podcast is here, and finds me a bit quiet and thoughtful. mostly because of the untimely passing of philip seymour hoffman. along with many many others, i've admired mr. hoffman's work for a long time. it's sad to see a strong talent leave too soon. and even more heartbreaking under these circumstances. words don't say these sorts of things. not well, anyway. but episode 383 is my small attempt.

my heart, and hope for comfort, to the friends and family most affected.


ps - as mentioned, i plan to talk more about harry dean stanton next week. you can see the interview i referenced here.