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December 30, 2013

year's end


welcome to the new year and our last podcast from 2013… :) i'm deeply thankful to everyone who's been a part of the podcast over the past year - artists, guests, listeners, friends - and most especially you for taking the time to check in and listen and be a part of what i'm up to. thank you thank you thank you. really and deeply and truly. your presence and support and patience mean the world to me.

in the spirit of thinking back and looking forward, this week's podcast is a personal quiet little set of songs from me to you. i hope you'll listen. if you do, even more, i hope it conveys a sense of solidarity and hope and warmth. i mean it that way.

the songs are:
-as a reminder, sorrow is perfectly ordinary
-the problem is i want it all
-if it's not you
-older than upon the rocks she sits
-the life i love is this life

many xtra special year-end thanks go out to curt yagi and kris hauch for helping me close the year out with style. if you haven't already had a chance to listen to episodes 376, 377, and 378, i hope you'll circle back and seek them out. both curt and kris are doing excellent stuff that deserves your attention.

happy new year to all! may 2014 bring us many more chances to share and grow.

peace and cheers,
and love,

ps - don't forget to discover the music of - hey man hey - and free music from me at - simplemuzik.com.

December 22, 2013

xmas with kris!


it's christmas week, and episode 378 is here to celebrate!! happily, the podcast finds me with kris hauch and our (now apparently approximately-annual) xmas podcast… :) kris shares some great new music, and talks a bit about the forthcoming 2014 full-length project "kg" from his band norway house.

many thank you's to kris for continuing to be a part of the podcast, and for sharing what he's up to. i hope you'll take a listen! and, wherever you are, i hope you have a great holiday and new year!

get music from - norway house
be a friend - on facebook


December 18, 2013

more with curt


part two with curt yagi is here! i apologize for the delay in posting the second half. i've had some interweb connection issues the past few days, but things are happily back in business. :) this week's podcast takes up where last week's left off, and features more new music and discussion with curt. i hope you'll take a listen!

once again many thanks to curt for sharing what he's up to and taking the time to be a part of the podcast. if you haven't already, hope you'll visit and support curt's work through the links below...

curt's music site - curtyagi.com
buy music - curtyagi.bandcamp.com
r.o.c.k. – real options for city kids

all the best,

December 09, 2013

new music from curt!


i'm very happy and honored to present episode 376. curt yagi was kind enough to stop by, say hi, and share some new studio recordings (and live music!) with me a few weeks back. curt's been a friend of the podcast for many years, and it's great to have him back and catch up with his latest. i hope you'll take a listen, visit the links below, and support what he's up to. there'll be more with curt soon, so stay tuned and join us again next week for part two!

my sincere thanks go out to curt for taking the time and sharing his work. the new songs are really really good. i think you'll agree. enjoy... :)

curt's site - curtyagi.com
buy the music - curtyagi.bandcamp.com
curt's day job – real options for city kids (r.o.c.k.)
see curt - on local t.v.
curt and r.o.c.k. - on the nbc today show


December 02, 2013

franz wright


welcome to december and episode 375! this week's podcast is a break from the past few. i plan to continue with songs and thoughts from lip service soon - but tonight brings us poetry from one of my heroes franz wright and music from my friends ryan and jonas. i hope you’ll take a listen and explore the links below!

franz wright:
about - the man
the book - f
an essay – about the book
hear mr. wright - read to you

ryan’s project:
support - the show
become - a friend
see the song - out of tune confessional


ps – if all goes well in the editing process, next week will feature an interview and new music from curt yagi … check back!!