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lip service


i'm happy to present episode 373 tonight. it's part one in a series of podcasts featuring music from (and commentary on) my 2013 group of just-released homemade songs. letting each of them out into the world on their own is satisfying and scary in a way that's hard to describe... like an end. or graduation. happy and sad and wistful and wondering what's next?? all at once. that's where i am tonight. mixed with self-consciousness and doubt for trying to say anything at all about aspects of the world that are as imperfect and inscrutable and incomplete as they unavoidably should be.

in and around this, most of all, i'm honored and very thankful that you're here. that you take the time to check in and listen and participate with the music and the podcast means a lot to me. really and deeply. and truly. thank you. :)

the songs are available in .mp3 format for free streaming and downloading at simplemuzik.com. if you're interested, i hope you'll visit!

& love,


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