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here's to hope


welcome to november and episode 371! the death of daylight savings finds me in the midst of sifting and editing and mixing songs from 2013... which reverberates me into a bit of a related reflective mood. in that spirit, this week's podcast mixes some new tracks (recorded live tonight) with a few older demos i've recently rediscovered. i'm a bit too close to know if things gel together as i imagine. but i hope you'll take a listen!

all songs are from the 2010's, and (perhaps as expected?) seem to revolve around some common themes - sadness, despair, hope, faith, trying to make things better, not giving up, wanting to understand. stuff like that.

the songs are:
-finally (2010)
-the problem is i want it all (2013)
-collapsing (2013)
-state#36 (2011)
-paris is worth a mass (2010)
-i'm going to stop now (2010)

thank you for being here. truly and deeply.



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