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going home


october is turning cold, and the long nights are gradually taking over. so i'm typing this with a sweater, and some tea, in the dark... ;)

to warm the bones, i offer episode 369 - a little podcast about memory and change and wistfulness mixed with loss and regret/desire/realizing-when-it's-time-to-let-go. and still not wanting to. but seeing the beauty of it anyway... something like that. plus some hope that maybe other people will want to learn and see and dream and be and work together to make things just a little bit better. exactly as we are. here and now. imperfect. just like this. too.

many thank you's to kris hauch and norway house and ryan (aka d'wayne hoover, loyd bonafied) for graciously sharing their music. the podcast (and my life) are much better with their songs in it...

<3 i hope you'll listen.


ps - links for kris - norway house and facebook

pps - and, don't know why, but this song feels related - calling cards (by neko case)


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