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episode 364 is here! me + new songs + thoughts inspired by the philosopher/teacher/thinker eckhart tolle + big thanks to kris hauch for being with us the past two weeks (which is to say, if you haven't already listened to the most-recent interview with kris, episode 362 and 363 are highly recommended)... ;)

my xtra big and heartfelt thanks go out to you for reading this and being here and listening and taking time to share. really and truly. this moment could've been spent in a thousand other ways. i'm very happy you spent it with me. <3

ok. enough schmaltz.


eckhart tolle on - responsibility
a word from - those who disagree

the official site - eckharttolle.com
the e.t. - wiki

and don't forget:

norway house on - bandcamp
and on - facebook



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