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the pick up


tonight brings the podcast to strange waters (of a sort)... culture, sexism, lust, desire, control. not those things explicitly, per se, but more the ocean around them. and how they interact with the concept of seduction. and how that reminds me of entrepreneurialism in general. by which i (perhaps too broadly??) mean to convey the experience of capitalism in the brutal sense.

i don't have swift or sweeping (or any actual) conclusions about whether these things are objectively good or bad. the idea of cold victory at all costs feels empty to me. as does the value of conquest for the sake of conquest. and, maybe even more so, emotional intelligence employed as a manipulative instrument.

the world is complicated. and the line between flirtation and deception is seldom one dimensional. i know. i don't really have much of an axe to grind in all of this. more, a simple feeling in response. subjective certainty. only. and it feels important to say it. and listen. and explore why all this is like this. human life feels so much bigger and so much not. all at the same time.

so, yes - these generalizations and more are on the table for episode 365. + some new songs. + new music from kathleen dunbar's new project blue lilah.

i hope you'll listen!


the pick up artist - t.v. series
youtube lessons from - mystery himself
mystery - in action

another - approach

kathleen dunbar - kathleendunbarmusic.com
blue lilah - bluelilah.com



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