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this is it


welcome to august and episode 358! tonight brings us two movies from the early days of my discovery of movies in general - 1988's the unbearable lightness of being and 1989's dead poets society.

the films are different in many ways - not necessarily equivalent in an artistic/ambition sense - but to my mind, they deal with similar themes in interestingly different ways. namely that: life is short, we don't get do-overs, and beauty exists. even in pain. something along those lines. cinematically.

carpe diem? maybe. but i think the poem oh me! oh life! says it best.

i hope you'll listen and click the links below:

trailer for - the unbearable lightness of being (1988)
the director - phillip kaufman
the author - milan kundera

trailer for - dead poets society (1989)
the director - peter weir
the poet - walt whitman
the scene - i talked about



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