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selling out (or buying in??)


welcome to monday night and episode 260 - i'm happy you're here! tonight's podcast is just me with some old armerdings & russell songs (written and sung by josh armerding), and some thoughts about money and art and love. "success" has so many definitions. maybe as many as there are individuals?? and yet, the common barometer of fame, wealth, and popularity seem to inform almost all of us. even when we think this shouldn't be so, it somehow is.

i don't know if that's good or bad? probably a bit of both. either way, i'm in it. wishing it was different. or i was different? or both of us together were different. which finds me here, tonight - hoping and trying to do something better and more. a vicious, creative, terrible/wonderful circle. maybe you understand? if so, or even if not, i hope you'll listen... :)

find more!

the playwright - arthur miller
his play - death of a salesman
the movie version - from 1985

the playwright - david mamet
his play - glengarry glen ross
the movie version - from 1992

kris hauch's band - norway house

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