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August 26, 2013

rapid cycling


sometimes podcasting feels crazy and exciting and stupid. like some random free associative sky dive for no reason at all. foolhardy. amazing. and i don't know if the chute even opened?? etc.

i'm not sure why this comes to mind. or if it's important to say. but episode 361 is here - me with some songs i like a whole lot, and an attempt to explain how moments go... how they feel important... and how i'm thankful to be reminded of this.

i hope you'll listen.

links to more:

what is? - rapid cycling
the rapid cycling - wiki

danny scherr's song - you can go on without me

my hero - jonah matranga
jonah's song - san francisco

chan marshall (aka) - cat power
chan's song - good woman

a preview of kris hauch - on bandcamp


August 19, 2013

selling out (or buying in??)


welcome to monday night and episode 260 - i'm happy you're here! tonight's podcast is just me with some old armerdings & russell songs (written and sung by josh armerding), and some thoughts about money and art and love. "success" has so many definitions. maybe as many as there are individuals?? and yet, the common barometer of fame, wealth, and popularity seem to inform almost all of us. even when we think this shouldn't be so, it somehow is.

i don't know if that's good or bad? probably a bit of both. either way, i'm in it. wishing it was different. or i was different? or both of us together were different. which finds me here, tonight - hoping and trying to do something better and more. a vicious, creative, terrible/wonderful circle. maybe you understand? if so, or even if not, i hope you'll listen... :)

find more!

the playwright - arthur miller
his play - death of a salesman
the movie version - from 1985

the playwright - david mamet
his play - glengarry glen ross
the movie version - from 1992

kris hauch's band - norway house

cheers & love,

August 12, 2013

art, etc.


this week's podcast is here! it's just me with two versions of the same song, and a few thoughts inspired by the writer elbert hubbard's quote "art is not a thing. it is a way." which strikes me as true. and makes me wonder about g-d and love and motivation/inspiration, faith, in general. and how they feel like different explanations of the same things.

there are lots of ways in which they're not the same at all too. i agree. but episode 359 is about the intangible feeling side of it - the part that makes me like you, and lends hope to the impossible distance embedded in the midst of connection.

even when it isn't.

nonsense? maybe. but i hope you'll listen!


ps - you can find more about elbert hubbard - here and here and here.

August 05, 2013

this is it


welcome to august and episode 358! tonight brings us two movies from the early days of my discovery of movies in general - 1988's the unbearable lightness of being and 1989's dead poets society.

the films are different in many ways - not necessarily equivalent in an artistic/ambition sense - but to my mind, they deal with similar themes in interestingly different ways. namely that: life is short, we don't get do-overs, and beauty exists. even in pain. something along those lines. cinematically.

carpe diem? maybe. but i think the poem oh me! oh life! says it best.

i hope you'll listen and click the links below:

trailer for - the unbearable lightness of being (1988)
the director - phillip kaufman
the author - milan kundera

trailer for - dead poets society (1989)
the director - peter weir
the poet - walt whitman
the scene - i talked about