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June 24, 2013



it's a rainy summer monday in san francisco. perfect for episode 352! it's just me + four songs recorded in real time in the podcast + some reflections on how it feels to try to get things right, and not succeed, and to (strangely, optimistically) need to keep trying anyway. i hope you'll listen. and i hope it makes some sense if you do. :)

more trying will be on its way soon - promise!


June 17, 2013



it’s monday and episode 351 is here!! it's just me with some thoughts about vikram ghandi’s film kumaré, the concept of honesty, and (the sometimes seemingly unavoidable presence of) its opposite.

i hope you’ll listen... :)


June 10, 2013

for the woman who has everything...


episode 350 is here along with some thoughts about love, change, and the richard linklater movie before midnight.

i hope you’ll listen + find out more at the links below!

before midnight (2013) - the trailer
before sunset (2004) - the trailer
before sunrise (1995) - the trailer

another earth (2011) - the trailer
solaris (2002) - the hollywood version
solaris (1972) - the original tarkovsky version


June 03, 2013

the mix tape


this week brings us the month of june, episode 349, and more music from seattle band tennis pro. i really hope you'll take a listen, and - if you didn't have a chance already - that you'll go back and visit/revisit last week's initial tennis pro episode... :)

as a reminder, more can be discovered at these links:

tennis pro - tennispromusic.net
the music video - rock over tokyo
the movie - biginjapanthemovie.tumblr.com
the trailer for - big in japan
be a friend - facebook.com/tennispromusic

more next week. stay tuned!

and love,