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March 26, 2012

the lower register


sadly (for me), tonight finds me not feeling so well... :( i'm a bit under the weather with a bad case of laryngitis. alas, i've decided the podcast must go on, so here i am - presenting episode 287! tonight's show is a simple live set - six songs selected and performed under the influence of fever and cold medicine. ;) i hope you'll take a listen.

-the songs:
-black & blue
-if it's not you
-the wrong tree
-intentions ain't sh!*
-love is always unrequited

i'll be back next week. between here and there, i'll work on healing up, and hope to return with my normal voice soon...
have a great week!



don't forget the upcoming april 14 show at bazaar cafe -
details: sat. night april 14, 7-9:30pm, 5927 california st., sf, ca.

March 19, 2012

one song twice

hello friends,

it's monday, and i'm happy to have episode 286 in tow... just posted! i hope you can listen. it's not much - just a quick fifteen minutes - featuring two versions of the same song, along with a few thoughts about the theme and intent of the lyrics.

the podcast may be migrating to monday night for a while. we'll see how things go. also, as you'll notice, i'm still fine-tuning a few nuances with the recording software, but hope to be fully back to normal by next week. i think tonight's show came out of little bit more quiet than usual (in recording level), so i'll address/fix that by next week! i promise. :)

i hope you're having a great monday. and a happy march 19.


ps - don't forget the upcoming show - april 14 - @ bazaar cafe!

March 12, 2012

everybody needs a lifeboat

hello friends,

i'm posting the podcast early this week due to many swirling events, and a few band practice schedule changes. episode 285 is here - hope you can listen! it's just me with an opening song from nick guerrero, and three songs from me (in preparation for the upcoming april 14 show at bazaar cafe). i'll keep mentioning the show in coming weeks... with hope you might be able to share it with me. :)

love and cheers,

March 06, 2012

old ideas


happy tuesday, and welcome to march! episode 284 is here... hope you'll take a listen! it’s just me, some old (super low-fi 4-track) songs from nick guerrero, and the lyrics to a beautiful new song by leonard cohen.

you can hear leonard’s song "come healing" by clicking here, and read the lyrics here. oh, and you can hear more from nick guerrero at myspace.com/nickguerrero.

i hope you’ll visit the links. and listen. and share. :)