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with ryan sharp!

as i've mentioned on the podcast a few times recently, ryan sharp was kind enough to drop by and say hi a few weeks back. we recorded some songs live, and talked about a whole range of fun stuff - songwriting, art, language, politics, history, religion, and more... some tangents, some related to his songs, life in general, being us in the u.s., etc. it was a good conversation, and i'm really happy (+ thankful) that ryan made the time to visit and participate with the podcast. it means a lot to me. :) the result is a pretty cool two-part interview! tonight features part one. i hope you'll take a listen.

if you don't already know ryan's music and his band the cobalt season, i really hope you'll check 'em out at www.thecobaltseason.com, learn more, and pick up their new cd "fragile iconoclast".

all the best,


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