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upcoming shows

simplemuzik.com is having some technical difficulties, so my apologies if you've noticed that it's drifting at the moment. i'm working on getting it fixed. in the meantime, i want to make sure everybody knows about a few upcoming shows. february will be busy!

friday, feb. 1, 2008
hotel utah saloon - 500 4th st. (@ bryant) - 9pm
i'm playing drums with the procrastinistas. wee the band will be playing too!

saturday, feb. 9, 2008
snob wine bar - 1327 polk st. - 8pm
i'm playing solo, opening for curt yagi.

friday, feb. 15, 2008
the red victorian - 1665 haight st. - 8pm
a solo set, yay!

i'm looking forward to playing again in '08. hope you can be there. :)



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