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leaving & staying

my voice is back, and i'm happy to present episode 27. hope you'll take a listen. it's just me talking about stuff that was on my mind as i was travelling - nostalgia, wistfulness, mistakes, being in the moment, us together, hope. how do we live life openly and engage reality in a deep and compassionate (yet challenging) sense? which is also to ask, how do we forgive ourselves and accept the truth of what is while simultaneously pushing ourselves to be better? i don't know the answer (obviously), so i'm interested in how you see it. it's a mystery isn't it?

i think us thinking and working together and being gracious toward each other for being imperfect and incomplete is an important start. why does our culture insist that we not admit it? i don't know, but i feel like admitting it anyway. so i'm gonna. and, who knows, right? maybe we can together? maybe that'll make it better? here's to hoping, regardless. ;)

some links to people i mentioned:
alain de botton
an essay on education by joseph chilton pierce.

also, i want to send xtra special thanks to our musical guests. there's some great music on this show!

please support the artists, and check them out:
marianne barlow
the cobalt season

have a great week, ok?


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Thanks alot for featuring my songs. Talk soon. Ciao.

hey ryan, looking forward to featuring yours songs live! thanks for sharing your stuff.

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