Our Exclusive Open Safari Vehicle

Our exclusive open vehicle safari

Our open vehicle safariAll-round, Game Viewing Experience. While in a safari with us, you are assured of being able to spend more time contemplating, game viewing and getting excited, than on cramped discomfort. It's enough that it gets hot out here with out getting numb and shaken as well.

Specially designed by our team for safari conditions in the Pantanal and Emas NP, our custom-made open safari vehicle offers exclusive features not found in any other vehicle in the region.

Seating configuration allows to see up front over the head of a passenger sitting in a forward seat. Seating Configuration. Seating, 3,3,3 on bench seats and 1 next to driver for maneuverability.

The seating configuration in our Open Safari Vehicles allows a passenger to see up front, over the head of a passenger sitting in a forward seat. You get better all-round, game viewing experience.

Passengers have 320 degrees vision from seat.

Passengers are minimum 1,5 meters above ground. We easily can see over the vegetation along the road and are at least a meter above other people from other cars, such vans.

Our open vehicle safari

Easy Access. Easy access from sides. Six detachable doors provides individual access to each row of seats. We resolved the problem of safari vehicle entry and exit for passengers by offering an individual access. Each door has its own ladder.

View from last seat, seeing over other passengers' heads

Weather Protection. Roof for sun protection and roll down sides for inclement weather. In case of rain or mist, the side tarpaulins can be lowered with-out impeding your safari excursion, or limiting your view too much.

Passenger Protection. Our Open Safari Vehicles comply with all Vehicle Operation Safety Standards in Brazil. The individual doors are there to provide the necessary protection from curious animals, objects launched from other vehicles in the road, etc. Although animals do not normally interest themselves in vehicles moving around, the doors obscure our movement inside the vehicle and provide clients better chances for photography and also give the vehicle a bigger and more daunting profile.

Front view of our open vehicle safari

Passenger Safety. Individual seat-belts provide safety restraint, in the unlikely event of a collision or a roll, or what is most probable a sudden stop to see an animal. At the speeds we will be traveling, this is very unlikely. But Safety First is always the best solution.

Each vehicle carries its own cooler boxes for cold refreshments.

Rates, bookings or any question or further information, please contact us at: birdclub@gmail.com

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