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During the last five years we were visiting Brazil intensevely, from the canyons of southern Brazil to the northern Amazon and even the Tepuis. Wherever a new species or a new rediscovery was announced, our team was on the way to find it and also to scout the area to potential birding trips. Some have good infra-structure other don't, some destinations required a mini-expedition to reach the area. We were literally in nearly all corners of Brazil, and also some bordering countries looking for birds and trying to organise new destinations.

Sulphur-bellied Parakeet

: The Sulphur-bellied Parakeet was one of the many species we looked for and found reliable site and conditions to run a trip. The dry habitat in the middle of the Amazon host a number of dry forest and cerrado specialties inside the rainforest. To see this newly described species you must to go to SANTAREM

Santarém is the second most important city in the state of Pará, and is located at the junction of the Tapajós and Amazon Rivers. From here we will start our journey in search of the newly described Sulphur-bellied Parakeet. The parakeet lives in a very remote area, with difficult access, but is reputedly relatively easy to find in the right habitat.

Monte Alegre. We will travel from Santarém to Monte Alegre, on the other side of the Amazon River, by boat, the most common form of transportation in the Amazonian region. The large river boat will travel at a relatively low speed, and it will take us about 7 hours to reach Monte Alegre. We will have the entire boat for our group, and our journey should be fairly comfortable. We will be able to bird on the way, will pass riverside villages (“casas de ribeirinhos”) on the banks of the river and see an assortment of river watercraft.

We will have the afternoon of the arrival day, one full day and the morning of our departure day to look for the Sulphur-bellied Parakeet and to explore the area, which is largely unknown to birdwatchers in general. The parakeet occurs in small groups in the isolated area of Cerrado vegetation north of Monte Alegre, particularly in the Serra do Ererê.


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