Explore the River of Doubt

Curl-crested Aracari

Porto Velho is the capital of Rondonia. Imagine following in the footsteps of President Theodore Roosevelt and Marshal Rondon’s famous 1913 Amazonian exploration, discovering countless new species of birds and animals along the “river of doubt.” Today the Rio Roosevelt (named in honor of the great man himself) is still an untouched Amazonian wilderness, as wild, rugged and beautiful a destination as when Roosevelt saw it for himself. A plush wilderness lodge offers us the unique opportunity to visit and explore this exciting Amazonian destination in great style. In fact, Roosevelt slept one night on the exact beach where the lodge is now situated.

After leaving the bustling town of Porto Velho in our private plane, we fly over a vast , green sea of virgin forest below, eventually landing on a private airstrip in the middle of this Amazonian paradise.

The lodge is ideally located on the edge of the spectacular Rio Roosevelt, within the Rio Aripuana and Rio Ji-Parana drainages, where several new species have been discovered, among them, the Rondonia Bushbird, several primates, a new peccary and even a Dwarf Manatee!


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