Birding and Snorkeling

Snorkeling with tropical fish Lagoa das Araras, over hundred macaws and parrots come to roost here Birdwatching open the eyes and ears to a new world of colors and sounds, the observer is in close contact with nature but always keeping a distance to do not scare the targets. We are fascinated by the aerial world of birds as well as we are fascinated by the aquatic world.

This “waterworld” must to be sense in a whole experience, not just from outside as an observer but from inside as a participant, and nothing is more insider than snorkeling in crystal clear streams fully packed with tropical fish and freshwater stingrays. Can you imagine this experience? Dozens of fish around while you gently float down the stream. It is not our imagination, just outside the pantanal in the Serra Azul, the small town of Bom Jardim is located in a limestone mountain hills, there are many caves, waterfalls and some incredibly clear rivers surrounded by lush forest, where it’s possible to see hundreds of fish eyeball to eyeball.

For us, the main attraction is snorkeling in a deep limestone pool surrounded by tropical fish and snorkeling along a crystal clear river with school of tropical fish and if lucky also freshwater stingrays while Point-tailed Palmcreeper and hundreds of macaws and parrots come to roost.

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