Tour Leaders

Our guide Braulio A. Carlos in action

We firmly believe that the leaders are the single most important factor in the success of a birdwatching tour. Many qualities are essential in good leaders.

Firstly, they need to be professional in their approach and regard tour leading as a job to be carried out well, and not an opportunity to travel abroad to see birds and pursue their own agenda. They need always to put the group members needs and interests before their own, and we believe this is much more likely to be the approach taken by full-time, professional leaders such ours.

Secondly, they need to be warm, friendly people who enjoy travelling with others, taking care of their needs when necessary and sharing their enthusiasm for birds and the natural world with the group members. A sense of humor is essential so as to engender the right atmosphere into the tour, and also a more than average level of patience so as to be able to deal calmly with any problems should they occur.

Thirdly, they need to be extremely competent ornithologists with a sound knowledge of the birds of the areas being visited, and a wealth of prior field experience in the region concerned. Our leaders have spend many months or years in the regions to which they regularly lead tours.

Finally, they need to be well-organised people, who pay attention to detail and are able to take care of the logistics of the tour in such a way that the group members are unaware of the work going on �behind the scenes� leaving participants free to enjoy a hassle-free holiday.

Niels Krabbe (author of Birds of the High Andes); Paul Greenfield (author of Birds of Ecuador) and our Senior Tour Leader Braulio A. Carlos during field work in Ecuador, February 2001 Our leaders are expert birders and naturalists who enjoy sharing birds and nature with others. They work hard, putting in long hours to make sure the tour runs smoothly. And they derive great satisfaction from knowing that, through their efforts, participants have experienced more of the beauty of the natural world. One of their greatest rewards is the knowledge that they have brought pleasure into the lives of others. They love birds and birding. Our leaders conduct their tours with sensitivity and regard for birds and habitats. All of our guides are South Americans with a strong interest in natural history. We believe eco-sensitive tours should use local talent, and leave more of the tour cost in the country visited. All our guides use spotting scopes, tape recording and playback equipment, spotlights for night viewing and the appropriate bird and mammal field guides. They show the country with pride, and have insight into the cultures. They take great pleasure in sharing their knowledge and their wildlife with tour participants. They are also environmentally conscious, and conduct their tours with sensitivity to animals, habitats and local people.

Our Tour Leaders

Braulio A. Carlos Braulio A. Carlos, Masters degree in Ecology and Biodiversity Conservation. He is our Senior Tour Leader and a very experienced full time birding and naturalist guide. Braulio has led groups for more than 15 years in Mato Grosso and other parts of Brazil and is fluent in no less than 4 languages. Braulio gets great enjoyment from meeting people and showing them nature. He has become the birding authority for Mato Grosso state where with his great knowledge of bird vocalizations has made many exciting discoveries and recorded several new state records. He is involved in many scientific studies in the Pantanal region, helping to preserve this amazing wildlife spectacle. He rediscover the mythical Cone-billed Tanager in one of our tours and also did the first recording of the Kaemper's Woodpecker, both birds known from single skin specimens. He is member of the Brazilian Ornithological Society (SBO), Neotropical Bird Club (NBC), American Birding Association (ABA), Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB). Braulio lives in Cuiab� and when not guiding, he loves to ride his motorcycles all over South America.

Guilherme Battistuzzo Guilherme Battistuzzo is a biologist graduated at the renown University of S�o Paulo, USP. Passionate about birds since childhood, Guilherme turned passion into profession in 2007 as a biology undergraduate, working at the USP's Laboratory of Ornithology. Since then, has been dedicated to research and consulting projects in ornithology, conservation of birds and as a birdwatching tour guide. He has extensive field experience in the Atlantic Rainforest, the Amazon and Pantanal having worked as a resident guide in two major ecotourism destinations in Brazil : The Cristalino Jungle Lodge (Amazon) and the Caiman Ecological Refuge (Pantanal). Currently lives in Ubatuba and organize our tours into the Atlantic rainforest, in search of endangered and endemic birds of this biome.

Ignacio Ignacio "Kini" Roesler is a biologist specialized in Zoology. Since early age he always had a direct contact with the wilderness. By the early age of 11, a strong interest in birds took him to join many tours for local birders, since then he has travelled to every corner of the country and adjacent countries like Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay. He is particularly fond of northern Argentina and Brazil, especially the Yungas forests, the Chaco area and the Atlantic Forest. To date he has published some papers and articles, of note being that about the Chaco Pipit, a species formerly considered Near-threatened, but still one of the least known pipits. At the age of 17 he started a collection of bird sound recordings, holding vocalizations of several rare species.

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