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Hello! We're Michael and Bonnie Davis; a southern Christian family of Welsh, French and Native American descent.

We serve Our Lord as Teachers and Community Chaplains. We are Fundamental Conservative Christians.

From this site we conduct Spiritual and Wellness Coaching

Beyond that, the page is filled with our ideas on various personal interest with corresponding "hot-links" and also items of spiritual interest. When searching our outside links, most of them open in a new window, so, simply close that one to return to this index. It is a pleasure to have you visit with our family--please do so, often.

www.ChaplainDavis.Com is the webportal to all of our family websites

If you have an urgent matter, enter the Chaplain's Office right now!


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Chaplain Davis' Website

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302nd Battalion Chaplain's Office

Family Ministers and Missionaries

vacant-in construction

Cross Roads Church of God--Our House of Worship

Native Nations Christian Assembly--Native American Evangelism

McQuiston Ministries-our daughter and family

Wesley's Music--our son

Hunting, Firearms and Reloading

Custom Mauser Rifles

Davis Family Genealogy

Dedicated to those who "walked the trail where we cried"

Visit the Florida Tribe of Cherokee Indians

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