Those of you familiar with Bellevue should have no trouble locating us in our downtown Olde Towne Bellevue location. For those of you not so familiar, just locate highway 370 and follow its meanderings down to Olde Towne Bellevue.

If coming from Omaha or out of town, then the map and directions may help. The directions sound more complicated than they are. If you are coming from the Kennedy Freeway, then take the highway 370 exit toward Bellevue. Continue east until the road dead ends at a traffic light. The highway 370 signs point to the right, and yes, you want to go right (south). This is Galvin Road. Continue South for about three block equivalent, and at the light, turn left (east) just as the highway 370 sign indicates. This is Mission Ave. Follow mission down for about ten blocks and there we are on your right!


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